Sunday, August 29, 2010


Welcome to Evergreen, where the forests are deep and cool and the surrounding peaks beckon to the spirit of adventure in all of us. This bouquet gathers the best of mountain whimsy with gold tipped bell pods cradling crystal jeweled leather spirals. The splendor of 14 karat gold dipped aspen leaves nestled amongst rich caramel colored owl feathers interspersed with bleached peacock and ostrich plumes, make this bouquet a picture of distinct mountain luxury. To complete the romance, this bouquet comes with a leather hand tooled holder dangled with vintage treasures including a tiny brass envelope to carry a message to the man of your dreams. Evergreen is a picture of mountain paradise and your transport to the most memorable day of your life.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome To Mountain Plume

Is there a place on earth where pearls suspended on stems of sterling silver, glow amongst lotus pods encrusted with sparkling crystals, each glistening element nestled in a luxurious cloud of silken feathers? Welcome to Mountain Plume where all of your wedding day fantasies come true - Mountain Plume, where your bridal bouquet is designed with unequaled attention to detail, using the finest materials to create a bouquet of devastating elegance that is meant to adorn the rarest of brides.

At Mountain Plume you’ll find the Aspen bouquet that features sterling silver dipped leaves of the same name, or Evergreen where curled strips of genuine leather are tipped with Swarovski Crystals. On a visit to the Maroon Bells you’ll find rose tinted pearls on sterling silver wires spilling out between crystal dusted pomegranates.

Every bouquet is built with authentic elements, genuine pearls, certified Swarovski Crystals, hand tooled leather, fourteen karat gold and sterling silver dipped leaves, actual peacock, owl and coque feathers, all assembled by hand into expert designs that will inspire a day of perfect delight. Make your wedding unforgettable, and start your life together with an heirloom bouquet to display in your home that will take you back to that fairytale moment when you said “I do”.